Thursday, January 19, 2017

Socioeconomic impacts of a bio-oil production system: now new article available!

Local, regional and national level of the socioeconomic impacts of a bio-oil production system – A case in Lieksa, Finland

Lasse Okkonen & Olli Lehtonen

Volume 71, May 2017, Pages 103–111

 Full text link until March 9th:


The aim of this paper is to assess the direct and indirect socioeconomic impacts on a local, regional and national economy from forest biomass-based bio-oil production using input–output (I–O) analysis. We also analysed the importance of a bio-oil factory on the development of the local economy and determined the type of impacts bio-oil production has on population and employment development and on the public municipal economy. Our study area is located in a resource periphery far from growing regions and suffers from development problems and stagnating development trends. In terms of employment and income, bio-oil production could have a significant positive net impact on the local economy despite leakages to regional and national economies. The impacts of bio-oil production could enhance the future development prospects for the resource periphery according to positive changes in the net migration and by slowing population losses.


Socioeconomic impactsInput-output modellingBio-oil production

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