Thursday, January 29, 2015

kW plus - new REMOTE App available

Renewable energy demonstration sites - kW Plus

The REMOTE project increases and supports local capacities in renewable energy solutions across the Northern Periphery area. Thereby, the “kW plus” compiles demonstration site experiences from partners across the Northern Periphery region.

The “kW plus -Renewable Energy Demonstration Sites, Handbook” is practical to use for establishing, developing and improving renewable energy demonstration sites. This guide does not give prescriptions on how to do things, but rather offers insights on what could be done, leaving everyone free to develop their own specific approach to work and business development. The "kW plus handbook" on demonstration sites can be found here.

NEW: A new mobile application on renewable energy demonstration sites, the "KW PLUS-App", is now available for selected REMOTE demonstration cases. The "KW PLUS-App" can be found on the REMOTE webpage within the "Application Package" or here.

More information on demonstration sites can be found from the webpage:

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