Tuesday, November 11, 2014

BISCUIT: a new tool to give rural regions a bite of the bioenergy market

A new online tool called BISCUIT (BioPADSupply Chain Unique Integrated Tool), has been launched to help the bioenergy market grow in remote and rural regions of Europe and to highlight business and enterprise opportunities to those looking to enter the sector.
BISCUIT is a product of BioPAD (Bioenergy Proliferation and Deployment), a €0.7 million two year project funded under the EU’s Northern Periphery Programme (NPP) with partners in Finland, Northern Ireland, and Republic of Ireland. The tool allows anyone, whether they are supplier of raw materials, an individual or company interested in producing bioenergy products, or those wanting to use bioenergy in a business or home, the opportunity to find out about bioenergy supply chains and the opportunities this renewable fuel source provides.

Jointly developed by project leaders Western Development Commission (Rep. of Ireland), Environmental Research Institute (Scotland), Action Renewables (Northern Ireland), and Finnish Forest Research Institute, Metla) this new innovative resource aims to assist the movement towards a low carbon society by encouraging the development of a responsible renewable energy market to the benefit of local communities and businesses.

Each part of the supply chain represents an opportunity for a business or entrepreneur. In addition, transactions that take place for each part of the supply chain tend to keep money within the region, rather than paying to importing gas, oil or coal. By providing key information to a variety of users, from forest owners, haulage firms, machinery suppliers, to councils, and community groups, it is hoped that BISCUIT will increase the competitiveness of remote regions.BISCUIT uses the wealth of information gathered and generated by the BioPAD partners, and generates a bespoke report according to initial choices made by the user. This produces a report customised to the users’ interests, whether they lay with one or more fuel type (wood, energy crops, or other biomass), a specific part of the supply chain, or the whole process.

BISCUIT can be accessed free of charge at www.BioPAD.eu/BISCUIT and is available to download as an App from Google Play and the App Store.  The full Press Release can be found here. For more information about the BioPAD project visit the website www.BioPAD.eu or contact info@BioPAD.eu

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