Wednesday, October 8, 2014

kW plus - Renewable Energy Demonstration Sites

 kW plus 

Handbook Remote Project

How to create and operate sustainable businesses by taking into consideration values additional to production of kilowatt? This question formed the basis for identifying opportunities, developing new initiatives and capacities and building networks both nationally and across nations.

The handbook; kW plus, is based on previous experiences made in partner countries and participating organizations. An important intermediate goal is to communicate useful knowledge across participating countries by collecting and sharing experiences. In this way, we can strengthen existing businesses and establish new ones. Quality control through good business models is here an important key point.

This handbook will provide you with insights into the diversity of the areas of focus as well as experiential knowledge within business development in the area of renewable energy.

"kW plus - Renewable Energy Demonstration Sites, Handbook Remote Project" can be found here, more information on the REMOTE project can be found here

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