Monday, August 26, 2013

Promoting bioenergy in the Northern Periphery: Bioenergy Proliferation and Deployment

BioPAD – Bioenergy Proliferation and Deployment

BioPAD is promoting the wider use of bioenergy and developing applications targeting the whole process from supplying fuel to producing energy.

The project is led by the Western Development Commission (Republic of Ireland) and brings together partners from Northern Ireland (Action Renewables), Scotland (Environmental Research Institute) and Finland (Finnish Forest Research Institute, Metla).

BioPAD is funded by the Northern Periphery Programme ( of the European Regional Development Fund (Interreg IVB).

It will improve our understanding of the links between supply of bioenergy and the demand for energy by mapping supply chains for different bioenergy fuels and different energy conversion methods.

BioPAD will help us to ensure that targeted policies and actions can increase bioenergy use and help capture the benefits of it locally.
Developing local bioenergy supply chains provides sustainable enterprise opportunities for individuals, communities and municipalities in Northern Europe through the use of renewable energy.

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