Friday, August 16, 2013

New report on Forest Residues: State of the art in Southern Africa

State of the art use of forest residues

for bioenergy in southern Africa

The report provides a summary of all currently available knowledge on the potential sustainable availability, management, harvesting and accompanying logistics, and processing technologies of forest residues from plantation forests for bioenergy development in South Africa.

Although this report provides a suitable foundation for strategy formulation in the use of forest residues for bioenergy development, the reader should bear in mind that the study was largely based on existing national and international research and as a result a number of gaps in knowledge still exist and need further research in order to be a comprehensive guide.

The report provides information in five fields along the forest biomass supply chain. These fields include the assessment and availability of residual biomass, site impacts resulting from various levels of residual biomass removal and avenues of ensuring nutritional sustainability, biomass harvesting and transport systems options and systems costs, an economic analysis of the residual biomass supply chains and finally an overview of processing technologies being practiced worldwide. 

The full report produced by Forest Engineering Southern Africa (FESA) and The Institute for Commercial Forestry Research (ICFR) can be found here.

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