Sunday, March 10, 2013

Test the new Costing Model for Biomass Harvesting Operations

Feedback: Machine Cost Calculation Model - Test version

Costing Model: Machine Cost Calculation Testing Model

The Testing Model of the "Machine Cost Calculation Model" has been produced by an international group of experts, operating within the framework of COST Action FP0902. The new calculation model is specifically designed for cost calculations within biomass harvesting operations, but they are fit for general use and can be applied to many other fields where costing models are needed.

The current calculation model is a testing version as part of the COST Action FP0902 Working Group 3 outcome and displays a preliminary result. The development group is now welcoming comments and suggestions in order to improve the model.
You can download the Testing Model here.

Please give us some Feedback on the "Machine Cost Calculation Testing Model" by contacting the following contact of Working Group 3: 
Lars Eliasson, WG 3 Leader, Cost Action FP0902

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