Wednesday, March 6, 2013

6th COST Training School on Forest Fuel Quality Assurance

Forest Fuel Quality Assurance
- a COST Training School

Norwegian Forest & Landscape Institute

Campus Ås (Norway) – Jun.09th- Jun.15th, 2013

  • To provide participants with detailed knowledge of existing standards (ENS and ISO) and how to conform with these
  • To provide participants with knowledge about the inherent properties of the fuel
  • To gain an understanding of sampling methods for various analyses
  • To gain practical insight into in field sampling
  • To provide participants with skills to analyse the most important properties in the lab
  • To gain exposure to other users of biomass, especially the bio-refinery concept
 The Programme:
  • June 11th, Tue: Fieldwork at chipper site, sampling & sample preparation
  • June 12th, Wed: Theory & practical sessions on wood fuel quality parameters
  • June 13th, Thu: Theory & practical sessions, fieldtrip to Borregaard biorefinery
  • June 14th, Fri: Participant presentation of findings & feedback
  • June 15th, Sat: Departure
Note: The course proposal is under consideration for 5 ECTS points

You can find more information about the COST Training School on our website or here.

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