Friday, January 18, 2013

COST Action FP0902 Showcase event and International Scientific Workshop

“Work Studies in Forestry” event in Florence, April 4th

Dear colleagues!
 This is my personal invitation to the Workshop “Work Studies in Forestry”, jointly organized by CNR IVALSA and the University of Florence for April 4, in Florence downtown.
Here you will find the announcement, with a full description of the event.
The Workshop will offer a comprehensive and updated review of work studies in forestry, covering: study planning, data collection, data processing, automatic time studies and result uptake by the industry.
The workshop has been designed to make participation as easy and time-efficient as possible.
That explains the dense, focused programme packing all lessons in one single morning, and the late start hour. Researchers from all the main Italian cities can leave in the morning from their residence, take a fast train, attend the workshop and be back home the same evening. Colleagues from some of the major cities in Central Europe (Lyon, Paris, München, Vienna etc.) can use a night train and still be missing from their offices one working day.
The lecturers are renowned international scholars from three different Countries (Finland, Italy and USA). In particular, I bring to your attention the extraordinary participation of Prof. Loren Kellogg, one of the best US experts in the field, who has seldom joined any of the main European networks and is visiting Italy for the first time. This is a unique opportunity to meet Prof. Kellogg and attend one of his lessons – and possibly to ask him focused questions during the discussion session.
Please notice that:
 - The Seminar is in English
- Attendance is free, but places are limited and you should register by sending a message
- All attendees will receive a free printed copy of the COST FP 0902 “Good Practice Guidelines for Biomass Production Studies” 

Looking forward to meeting you soon, I am taking the opportunity of wishing you all the best for the New Year!

Raffaele Spinelli
- COST Action FP0902 Vice-Chair and Host of the International Workshop -

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