Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Performance of a mobile mechanical screen to improve the commercial quality of wood chips for energy

Article resulting from a STSM of COST Action FP0902 by:

Raffaele Spinelli, Laura Ivorra, Natascia Magagnotti, Gianni Picchi


The study analyzed the performance of a mobile screening device for upgrading coarse wood chips to residential user standards, by removing oversize particles and fines. The machine was designed for transportation to forest landings, logistic terminals and plant chip yards. Average productivity was 1.9 oven-dry tons (odt) h−1, corresponding to a screening cost of 28.5 € odt−1. This figure was lower than the price increase obtained by upgrading industrial chips to residential user standards. Hence, screening offered a profit of 4.7 € odt−1, or 16% of the original screening cost. The screening process was capable of upgrading chips from industrial to residential specifications, by reducing the incidence of oversize particles below the 1% critical threshold. Screening also allowed a substantial reduction in the content of fines. A similar effect was not verified for crushed wood, which failed to meet the specifications for residential fuel.

You can find the article on ScienceDirect.com from this LINK

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