Thursday, December 22, 2011

Conference of the Operating Systems Centre of Advanced Research

OSCAR2 Conference

Riga, Latvia, Oct 24-26, 2012

On behalf of the Latvia State Forest Research Institute “Silava” and the OSCAR2 management committee we are very pleased to announce that the next OSCAR research conference will be held in Riga, Latvia in the Days Hotel Riga on October 24-26, 2012.

Call for abstracts:

Please submit your abstracts of max. 2 pages (~700 words) by email until April 30, 2012. Only the extended abstracts will be published in the proceedings, leaving you free to publish your full manuscript elsewhere. Themes for abstracts are not limited; examples of the topics to present in the conference are:

ñ Machine and machine-systems performance analysis;

ñ Process modelling and control;

ñ Transport and materials handling;

ñ Geographical information – modelling and interpretation;

ñ Ergonomics, the work environment and safety;

ñ Small scale and urban forestry operations;

ñ Supply chain management and associated methods & technologies;

ñ Environmental impacts, energy and emissions;

ñ Entrepreneurs, business process engineering and quality assurance;

ñ Mechanization of silvicultural operations;

ñ Technologies for plantation forests and short rotation woody crops;

ñ Mobilization of wood resources.

More information is available in the conference website.

Contact persons: Andis Lazdiņš & Dagnija Lazdiņa

Latvia State Forest Research Institute «Silava»
Riga street 111, Salaspils, LV-2169
Phone: +37126595586 (+37126595683)

Fax: +37167901359

Email: (

Conference website:


Conference venue:

Riga tourism information:

Latvia State Forest Research Institute «Silava»:

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