Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Potential and supply costs of wood chips from forests in Soria, Spain


Soria is a forested province in Northern Spain. The utilization level of the forests in Soria is low at present, but it is predicted to rise in the future. Because of the high altitude, heating is also needed. These form a good basis for increasing the use of wood chips in energy production. In this study, a procedure to estimate the potential of wood chip from forests and their procurement costs was adapted to Spanish conditions. The harvesting potential was estimated to be between 140,000 m3 and 280,000 m3 in 2010, and to double by 2030. Cost-supply curves were provided to aid in the planning of heating plant investments. Compared to European cost levels, the procurement costs in Soria are not high.

Keywords: GIS, forest biomass, forest residues, forest chips, transport costs, availability, fuel wood

You can find the article HERE.

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