Thursday, May 19, 2011

FPJoule: An Online tool for calculating the amount of usable energy in forest biomass

Harvest residues are an important source of bioenergy. The interest in this renewable biomass lies in its local availability. Traditionally, wood is assessed on a volume (m³) or weight (odt = oven-dry tonnes, gmt = green-metric tonnes) basis although these units don’t accurately represent the value of biomass when used for energy purposes (kW= kilowatt, MW= megawatt, GJ=Giga joules). The monetary value of the biomass depends partly on its heating value which is the amount of energy that can be obtained when burning. FPInnovations (Canada) has developed an online software, called FPJoule , which is able to calculate the amount of usable energy in the biomass.
You can access FPJoule with this link.

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