Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The "Forest Energy Portal" has been opened!

We are very happy to announce that the "Forest Energy Portal" has been opened:

The “Forest Energy Portal” is a platform that interlinks the scientific and industrial communities and is designed to significantly improve information flows among the different disciplines and stakeholders

What we have to offer:

The Forest Energy Observer
The “Forest Energy Observer” is a new and innovative publication tool to disseminate up-to-date research results about the production and utilization of forest biomass for energy. The “Forest Energy Observer” will provide a publication platform for study reports, infocards, presentations and peer reviewed articles and make them available under one roof for everybody.
Visit the Forest Energy Observer at: observer.forestenergy.org

Company Register
The company register is another form of innovative knowledge building and sharing. The company register provides a link between the research community and all other relevant industrial partners. Look for companies active in the field for forest biomass for energy at: register.forestenergy.org

Journal of Forest Energy
The creation of the Journal of Forest Energy Energy provides a rapid peer review process, at the same time drawing upon expert reviewers and offers a publication platform for all issues related to the sustainable use of forest biomass for energy. Don’t hesitate to submit your next scientific paper to this new journal! You find the journal at: journal.forestenergy.org

Forest Energy Video Channel
Come and see Forest Energy harvesting in Action on our own YouTube video Channel at: www.youtube.com/user/ForestEnergyPortal

Logger’s Camp
The logger’s camp is the social networking platform for all interested professionals dealing with the sustainable use of forest biomass for energy. We move the discussion from the forest to the web! Join today and meet new colleagues, share your research results, ask your colleagues for advice or share your photos or videos. We are waiting for you at camp.forestenergy.org

Other Webservices
The forest energy portal also provides a range of other services such as a summary of available Forest Biomass Harvesting Guidelines or links to other interesting websites such as the Pellet Toolbox or the results of the BEE project. Let us know if you have something to share on the portal and we make sure it reaches the right people. Expert database The expert database is a service of the Forest Energy Portal and aims to establish a comprehensive database of professionals working in the field of forest biomass for energy. Join the expert database today and build a global network of professionals in the field of forest biomass for energy and you might be contacted for a new project application tomorrow!

Visit us at: forestenergy.org

We are looking forward to welcome you!

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