Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Getting the message across

I subscribe to a news alert service and each day I get an alert on biomass in the news. Most of the articles are related to opening of bioenergy plants, but there are many on opposition to the use of the forests, trees, wood (including waste wood) for bioenergy production (e.g. by Biofuelwatch and Massachusetts Environmental Energy Alliance) - (an example was in Scotland yesterday (though not sure if it has media coverage as of yet)).

There has also been academic papers published dealing with the issue of failures in the forest energy / bioenergy sector (e.g. Upham and Shackley 2006, Upham 2009).

I would like to see this blog (and this forest energy portal) address these vital issues of where the message is getting lost and why there is often such strong opposition (e.g. motivation of opposition) and misunderstanding. And of course what the academics and professionals working together (with other stakeholders) can do.

Upham, P., Shackley, S. 2006. The case of a proposed 21.5MWe biomass gasifier in Winkleigh, Devon: Implications for governance of renewable energy planning. Energy Policy 34: 2161–2172

Upham, P. 2009. Applying environmental-behaviour concepts to renewable energy siting controversy: Reflections on a longitudinal bioenergy case study. Energy Policy 37(11): 4273-4283.

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