Thursday, July 22, 2010

Spruce disease in Latvia

We have strange problem with diseasing spruce stands this summer in Latvia. The phenomenon takes place generally in spruce stands on peat soils - well growing trees become brown (needles) from the top down to all crown so the healthy trees lost all needles within few days or weeks. It generally takes place on peat soils in 30-40 years old spruce stands, however the most of spruce stands in the region around Riga are 30-50 years old, so it might be coincidence. Small undergrowth trees in damaged stands are suffering just like old trees however to less extend. The difference from quite well known nutrient deficiencies (particularly, potassium an phosphorus) is very short time between the first brown spots and complete loose of needles.

I'm wondering if we are alone with this problem. Does anyone have similar problems?
Andis Lazdins, SILAVA

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